One Month…Now We’re Talking (or crying)

prepartyFirst of all, we want to thank everyone for their kind support and great well wishes.  It really helps so keep them coming.  So much has happened, since our last post but we will try to sum it up right here.  We’ve had great visits from both grandma’s, grandmawe celebrated the Vietnamese one month party (today — thank you all for coming by ),we’ve given Simone her Hebrew name (Simcha - which means joyous event - special thank you to Gramdma Lucille for the name), and we’ve had really amazing moments around the house and neighborhood (see pics of our spring rools and bagels which will give a flavor of today’s festivities.  The bottom line is 


that we have reached the one month mark in this great journey and wemom and simone feel its going pretty darn well.  Hey, no one ever said we would not be tired but overall things are great.  Simone is really opening her eyes and img_0872checking out the world.  Given that Spring is around the corner, we are so looking forward to hitting the streets, parks and other fun joints that NYC has to offer.  We’ll keep you all posted for sure.  Until then, stay posted to this blog and we’ll keep giving you updates.  Thanks again and thanks Grandma Lucille for the visit the and sim

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