Three Weeks Under Our Belt


Simi week 3

So, we’ve reached some kind of milestone (I think) but ultimately days are running into nights so we are not sure but I think Daylight Savings might work in our favor.  Anyway, this past week provided a few new highlights to tell you all.  stroller by the hudsonFirst, the weather (despite earlier in the week - see snow storm below) reached near 70 degrees this weekend.  So, Tuyen and I took out Simone in the stroller, walked near the Hudson River and then had tacos in Meatpacking District. That was so nice! And, for a moment there, we felt pretty ‘normal’. Also, as you can see, Simone went with Tuyen to do a little grocery shopping in her sling and I had a chance to give her a bottle (pure milk if you know what I mean).  img_0844While we can say that we are still not sleeping, we did manage a few moments of normalcy this weekend.  Enjoy the pics, send us your comments and best wishes to you all.  


in the sling

Stay tuned for this week (week 4) for the special Vietnamese special function at 1 month birthday and we may even do a naming party for Simone.  Until next post.

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  1. Mary Alice and Randy says:

    Hellow Simone!

    This is Mary Alice and Randy from North Carolina. You are such a beautiful baby and such a lucky baby to have such loving and wonderful parents. Can’t wait to see more pictures of you growning up.
    Congradulations Tyen and David.

  2. Cara Pham says:

    Haha! I see that she’s wearing the outfit and/or hat that I got for her.

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